2018 Online Summer Courses

COMM 101 – Introduction to Communication
4-week session
3 hours. Introduction to central concepts in communication, including key terms and theories, specific contexts and key debates. Individual and Society course.

COMM 103 – Introduction to Media
4-week session; 8-week session
3 hours. Conceptualizing mass communication. Internal and external controls. Media and minorities. Individual and societal functions of the media. Individual and societal effects of the media. Individual and Society course.

COMM 200/MOVI 200 – Communication Technologies
8-week session
3 hours. History, development, and social impact of communication technology: print, broadcast, cable, satellite, computer, internet. Issues related to infrastructure, regulation, access, globalization, conveyance, and change. Course Information: Same as MOVI 200. This is a blended-online and classroom course. Use of computer and internet access is required. A high speed connection, while not required, is strongly suggested. Prerequisite(s): COMM 101, COMM 102, and COMM 103 with a grade of B or better in at least two of these; Moving Image Arts minors must obtain approval of the Department of Communication.

GER 217 – German Cinema
8-week session
4 hours. German cinema as communication and art; its production, reception and ideological perspectives. Taught in English. No knowledge of German required. Area literature/culture. Creative Arts, and World Cultures course.

HIST 101 – Western Civilization Since 1648
8-week session
3 hours. Introduction to the development of Western civilization in the early modern and modern world. Class Schedule Information: To be properly registered, students must enroll in one Discussion/Recitation and one Lecture. Past course, and World Cultures course.  

HIST 105/INST 105 – Global Transformations and the Rise of the West Since 1000
8-week session
3 hours. Overview of historical transformations that led to the rise of Europe and the wider West to global preeminence. Emphasizes contributions of other world cultures to this development. Same as INST 105. 3 hours. This class may be taught in an online format. When that is the case, internet access will be required. A high-speed connection is strongly suggested. Please check the online class schedule for online sections. Past course, and World Cultures course.  

KN 335 – Exercise Psychology
4-week session
3 hours. Presents the psychological basis for exercise motivation, behavior and outcomes. Focus on application of theoretical models of exercise adherence and psychological strategies to improve participation in regular exercise. Prerequisite(s): PSCH 100.

KN 337 – Psychology of Injury and Recovery
8-week session
3 hours. Introduces the psychological, social, and emotional experiences associated with the acquisition and experience of physical injuries. Prerequisite(s): PSCH 100.

PSCH 100 – Introduction to Psychology
8-week session
4 hours. Survey of basic concepts of contemporary psychology. Introduction to the nervous system, perception, motivation, learning and memory, social behavior, personality, developmental and clinical psychology. Students under 18 years of age need parental consent to participate in research experiments that are part of the course. Instructions for obtaining parental consent will be provided during class early in the semester. Individual and Society course.