Using Public Transportation

UIC is served by the CTA Blue Line and several CTA bus lines. Go to the Directions to Campus Web page for information about using the CTA to get to campus. You can also find links to PACE and Metra. If you plan to use the CTA, see the information about the CTA U-PASS below.


The U-PASS provides eligible students unlimited travel on all CTA buses and trains at a discounted rate during Summer Session. The CTA U-PASS fee for Summer 2014 is $108. All eligible students will be assessed the non-refundable U-PASS fee. Only students with documented disabilities that affect their ability to use CTA service can petition for a waiver of the U-PASS fee. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact the Office of Disability Services at (312) 413-2183 (Voice) or at (312) 413-0123 (TTY).

The U-PASS works like a touch-and-go CTA fare card. As long as you are enrolled as a full-time student, your U-Pass privileges will be loaded onto your card automatically at the beginning of each semester.

Who Is Eligible

All full-time undergraduate UIC, Summer Session Only, and Intercampus Registrant students are eligible to receive a U-PASS. Undergraduate students registered for six or more credit hours over the summer are considered full-time, regardless whether they are all in either the 4-week session, the 8-week session or from a combination of courses in the 4- and 8-week sessions.

Full-time graduate students from the Graduate College, College of Dentistry, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program, and M1/M2 students in the College of Medicine are also eligible for the U-PASS. Students from the Graduate College are considered full-time if they register for five or more hours over the summer. Students in the Executive MBA program and other special programs that do not charge service fees are not eligible for the U-PASS program.

The U-PASS is not available for part-time students.

If you make changes to your schedule that result in you no longer being a full-time student, your U-PASS will no longer be valid. After the add/drop period each semester, the campus sends an updated list of eligible students to the CTA. If you have fallen below full-time status during the add/drop period, your name will not be on this list, and CTA will deactivate your U-PASS. The U-PASS fee assessment will be credited to your account.

After the add/drop period each semester, there are no refunds given for tuition and fees, including the U-PASS fee. If you drop or withdraw from a course and fall below full-time status after the add/drop period, you will still be responsible for the U-PASS fee, and your U-PASS will not be deactivated.

U-PASS Distribution

Summer Session U-PASS is active 5 days before the 4 week session and it is deactivated 5 days after the 8 week session. To assure that you utilize your U-PASS throughout the entirety of its valid period‚ make sure to visit distribution.

U-PASS distribution is located in the Student Services Building (SSB) at 1200 W. Harrison (at Harrison and Racine). Distribution dates are being finalized and will be posted once available.

You will need to bring your student ID (i-card) so that your eligibility can be verified. If you don’t have an i-card yet, you can pick it up the same day before you pick up your U-PASS since they are both available in SSB.

Visit the UIC U-PASS Web site to get detailed information about U-PASS distribution and FAQ’s.