Placement Test Requirements

Visiting students are not required to take placement tests in order to register even though the course schedule may indicate this. However, you are responsible for determining if you are in the proper course. An instructor may advise you to change courses if you have registered for an inappropriate level. The placement test is also available as an option for students who would like to take it. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you receive a “Placement Test or Prerequisite Error” while registering for a course, contact us for assistance.

Note: If you have been admitted to UIC in the fall, you may be required to take placement tests in order to register for fall courses. Please contact your college for more information.

Course Prerequisites

A number of UIC courses have prerequisites, which are listed in the course schedule. Course prerequisites apply to all students, including visiting students.

UIC Students: If you have questions about whether your desired course requires a prerequisite or has other restrictions, please contact your advisor.

Visiting Students: Generally, visiting students do not need to provide a transcript verifying that they have met prerequisites. However, if you register for a course that has prerequisites, your instructor may ask you for verification. To provide for this possibility, bring a copy of your grade report or and unofficial transcript with you to the first day of class.

Prerequisites Requiring an Override
If you are a visiting student and plan to register for one of the courses listed below, you will need to obtain an override for the prerequisites before the system will allow you to register. We encourage you to contact the Summer Session Office as soon as possible after you have been admitted for the summer to let us know you are interested in registering for one of the following classes.

ACTG 211: Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ACTG 316: Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACTG 417: Advanced Financial Accounting
ACTG 435: Auditing
ACTG 445: Federal Income Tax I
ACTG 484: International Accounting

BIOS 220: Genetics
BIOS 230: Evolution and Ecology
BIOS 310: Genetics Laboratory
BIOS 325: Human Embryology
BIOS 326: Embryology Laboratory
BIOS 331: General Ecology Laboratory
BIOS 336: Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOS 343: Animal Physiological Systems
BIOS 350: General Microbiology
BIOS 431: Plant and Animal Interactions

CHEM 101: Preparatory Chemistry
CHEM 122: Matter and Energy (previously: General Chemistry I Lecture)
CHEM 123: Foundations of Chemical Inquiry I (previously: General Chemistry Laboratory I)
CHEM 124: Chemical Dynamics (previously: General Chemistry II Lecture)
CHEM 125: Foundations of Chemical Inquiry II (previously: General Chemistry Laboratory II)
CHEM 130: Survey of Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 222: Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 232: Structure and Function (previously: Organic Chemistry I)
CHEM 233: Synthesis Techniques Laboratory (previously: Organic Chemistry Laboratory I)
CHEM 234: Chemical Synthesis (previously: Organic Chemistry II)
CHEM 343: Physical Chemistry Laboratory

CLJ 262: Research Methods II

CME 201: Statics
CME 203: Strength of Materials
CME 205: Structural Analysis I
CME 260: Properties of Materials

COMM 200: Communication Technologies

CS 107: Introduction to Computing and Programming
CS 141: Program Design II
CS 151: Mathematical Foundations of Computing
CS 211: Programming Practicum
CS 251: Data Structures
CS 401: Computer Algorithms I
CS 480: Database Systems

ECE 225: Circuit Analysis
ECE 265: Introduction to Logic Design
ECE 266: Introduction to Embedded Systems
ECE 310: Discrete and Continuous Signals and Systems
ECE 317: Digital Signal Processing I
ECE 333: Computer Communication Networks I
ECE 340: Electronics I
ECE 341: Probability and Random Processes for Engineers

ECON 220: Microeconomics: Theory and Applications
ECON 221: Macroeconomics in the World Economy: Theory and Applications
ECON 300: Econometrics

ENGL 160: Academic Writing I: Writing in Academic and Public Contexts
ENGL 161: Academic Writing II: Writing for Inquiry and Research

EPSY 255: Child Development in Contemporary Society

FIN 310: Investments
FIN 320: Managerial Finance
FIN 423: Financial Modeling, Analysis, and Decision-Making
FIN 449: Applied Equity Investment Management

IDS 270: Business Statistics I
IDS 371: Business Statistics II

INST 221: Macroeconomics in the World Economy: Theory and Applications

KN 352: Physiology of Exercise

LING 320: Linguistics and Speech-Language Pathology

MATH 125: Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH 165: Calculus for Business
MATH 180: Calculus I
MATH 181: Calculus II
MATH 210: Calculus III
MATH 220: Introduction to Differential Equations

MCS 320: Introduction to Symbolic Computation
MCS 401: Computer Algorithms I

ME 205: Introduction to Thermodynamics
ME 210: Engineering Dynamics

MOVI 200: Communication Technologies

MGMT 340: Introduction to Organizations

MKTG 360: Introduction to Marketing
MKTG 465: Strategic Marketing Management

PHYS 100: Preparatory Physics
PHYS 132: Introductory Physics for Life Sciences II
PHYS 141: General Physics I (Mechanics)
PHYS 142: General Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism)

PSCH 210: Theories of Personality
PSCH 242: Introduction to Research in Psychology
PSCH 262: Behavioral Neuroscience
PSCH 270: Abnormal Psychology
PSCH 271: Resilience
PSCH 320: Developmental Psychology
PSCH 324: Cultural Psychology
PSCH 333: Laboratory in Clinical Psychology
PSCH 343: Statistical Methods in Behavioral Science
PSCH 352: Cognition and Memory
PSCH 381: Psychology of Interviewing
PSCH 382: Psychological Interventions

SPAN 102: Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 103: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 104: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 114: Spanish for Heritage Speakers II

STAT 381: Applied Statistical Methods I

If you have questions about whether your previous coursework fulfills a course prerequisite, please contact the department offering the course for which you plan to register. You can access departmental contact information online or contact the Summer Session Office.