Please note: We’re monitoring the Coronavirus situation as it relates to Summer Session and will be following campus guidelines in the coming weeks. Check here for COVID-19 related updates.

As the campus continues to monitor the progression of COVID-19, the date at which currently enrolled students can register for Summer 2020 classes has been moved to April 15, 2020. You can view your Registration Time Ticket in the portal and the overall Registration Time Ticket schedule at

Check the UIC Registrar’s website for complete details about registration. A few things worth noting:

Full-Time Credit Hours

Undergraduate students must be registered for at least 6 credit hours in the summer to be considered a full-time student.

Graduate students must be registered for at least 5 credit hours in the summer to be considered a full-time student.

Please note that being a full-time student is determined by the total number of credit hours that you’re enrolled in over the entire summer, regardless of whether you enroll in the 4-week session only, the 8-week session only, or both sessions. 

Maximum Credit Hours

Undergraduate students can register for up to 12 total credit hours–either as a combination of courses taken in the 4-week and 8-week sessions, or just courses taken in the 8-week session.

Graduate students can take up to 20 credit hours over the summer.

If you wish to register for more than the maximum credit hours allowed, please speak with your college advisor.

Maximum Course Load for 4-week session

Because of the intensive nature of the 4-week session, students are advised to only register for one course.

Registration Problems

If you have a problem with registering, call the Registration Help Line at (312) 996-8600 or call the Summer Session Office at (312) 996-9099.