Course Transferability

If you are planning to transfer a course back to UIUC or UIS, it is your home institution that determines whether a particular UIC course will transfer. We encourage you to have your course approved by an advisor at your home institution before you register for it at UIC. You will want to provide your home college advisor with the UIC course description for approval. If your advisor requests a syllabus, contact the Summer Session Office and we can assist you.

Which Courses Transfer?

Many students use to help them determine what courses will transfer back to their home school. However, we highly encourage you to speak with an advisor before making a final decision as information on this Web site is not always accurate. For example, UIUC’s transfer policy for ECON 218—which is ECON 302 at UIUC—is not fully reflected on The Web site inaccurately states that this course is no longer transferrable from another institution; however, this is only true for Economics majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Other students—such as Business majors—can still transfer this course back to UIUC.

Only an advisor on your home campus can verify which courses will transfer correctly. Also, we suggest speaking with your advisor on how summer courses at UIC will affect your GPA, as well as your progress towards your degree.

How to Transfer Courses at the End of Summer Session

UIUC/UIS students must request a UIC transcript at the end of the summer in order for their grades to be transferred back to their home campus. Grades do not transfer automatically. Check out the Grades and Transcripts page for detailed instructions on requesting a transcript.