Financial Aid

If you have financial aid at UIUC/UIS that you would like to use over the summer at UIC, you must apply to UIC through the Intercampus Registration process. This application will allow you to use your financial aid at UIC over the summer. Contact your home school financial aid office to determine if you have financial aid available. Please make sure to follow the process your home school outlines for applying for summer financial aid. If you are not eligible for financial aid, use the Summer Session Only application.

If you do not have financial aid available at UIUC/UIS, you can apply as a Summer Session Only Student. As a Summer Session Only student, you are not eligible to apply for financial aid directly at UIC because you will be attending as a nondegree student. You may be eligible for private loans for summer. Contact your home school financial aid office for more information. You can also visit the UIC Office of Student Financial Aid for information on private loans.

To contact the UIUC Office of Student Financial Aid.

To contact the UIS Office of Financial Assistance.

What if I filled out the wrong application?

If you realized that you filled out the wrong application, contact us for assistance.