Health Insurance Info & Waiver

UIC requires that all registered students be covered by health insurance and provides a plan, known as CampusCare, which is covered by a fee that is automatically assessed along with tuition and other fees. If you have comparable coverage it is possible to waive this fee (see details below).

When you register for summer session classes you will be enrolled automatically in CampusCare for the summer. There is no enrollment form to complete. Eligible students include all registered degree and non-degree Undergraduate, Graduate, and Health Professional students.

CampusCare benefits include:

  • Physician, hospital and emergency room services
  • Discounted vision and dental program
  • Behavioral health services
  • Prescription drug coverage

Coverage Dates

CampusCare coverage begins on Monday, May 13, 2024 for students who register for any summer courses before Monday, May 27, 2024. If you register for courses after May 27 your coverage will begin on the date you register. To avoid problems with access to coverage, the CampusCare office advises you to register for courses before May 13. Summer coverage ends on August 15, 2024.

CampusCare Student Health Insurance Fee

The CampusCare Student Health Insurance Fee is one of several fees that appear on your student account. The fee for the 2024 Summer Session is $461 for a student.

Note that the CampusCare Student Health Insurance Fee is different from the Student Health Services Fee, which is a mandatory fee that cannot be waived. Please check the explanation of tuition and fees for more information about services covered by this fee.

As a UIUC/UIS student, the steps you need to take to waive the fee depend on your insurance coverage at your home campus:

+I have already waived out of my home campus Student Health Insurance Program.

If you have already submitted a Student Health Insurance waiver at your home campus, you will automatically be waived out of coverage at UIC for the Summer Session. No further action is needed by you.

+I use Student Health Insurance coverage at my home campus.

If you have Student Health Insurance coverage at your UIUC or UIS home campus, your coverage will be continued at UIC when you enroll. You will be assessed the CampusCare Student Health Insurance Fee at UIC. If you extended coverage at your UIUC or UIS home campus for the summer and do not need CampusCare coverage through UIC, you can waive coverage at UIC after you register by submitting the online waiver by May 27. Visit the CampusCare Waivers and Reinstatement Forms web page for instructions and to access the waiver form, which will be available at the end of March. 

Students who have applied or registered after May 27 should contact the Summer Session Office for assistance.

After you have submitted the waiver allow 7-10 business days for the credit to post to your student account. 

Appeals Process

If there are any unusual circumstances why you missed the May 27 deadline date to waive CampusCare, you may submit an official letter of Appeal explaining why the deadline was missed.