Admitted Summer Student Guide

Welcome to UIC Summer Session! Now that you are admitted, follow these instructions to make sure you are ready for registration.

The portal is your gateway to the university

You will use the portal to:

  • Check your registration “Time Ticket,” for the earliest date and time you can register for summer courses
  • Register for summer courses
  • Check your UIC email
  • View and pay your tuition bill
  • Check grades and request transcripts

Activate your account and UIC email

In order to access the portal, you need to activate your NetID, a unique identifier assigned to you. It becomes your login to the portal and also part of your UIC email address. Follow the steps below.

If you’ve been admitted to UIC this fall and have already activated your NetID, you can skip the steps below. You are ready to register for your summer courses.

UIUC or UIS students, click here to read special instructions.

You will need two things to activate your account: your UIN (University Identification Number), and your Activation Token (an 8-digit code). Your Token is only needed once when you activate your account. You will need your UIN throughout your time at UIC so save this number for future reference.

UIC will email your UIN and Token once you have been admitted to Summer Session. The email’s subject line will be “UIC account activation process.” If you’ve been admitted and you can’t find this email, contact the Summer Session office.

Once you have your UIN and Token, begin the process of activating your NetID.

You’ll be prompted to set up emergency email and/or phone numbers in this step in case you ever need to recover your password. You’ll be glad you did if you ever forget your password later because it cannot be retrieved or changed over the phone.

Your NetID becomes part of your UIC email address ( During the activation process you will set up a UIC Microsoft Exchange account (also known as Office 365) for your UIC email. While the Summer Session Office makes every effort to send you information to the personal email address that you provided when you applied, you will also receive important updates at your UIC email account so please make a habit of checking that account as well.


Enter the portal

Log into the portal:

  • Either click on “Sign In” or “Login” and when prompted enter your NetID and password. If you encounter issues with logging in to the portal, please contact the UIC Help Center.
  • Once you are in the portal, you will see the “Welcome” tab where you can check your UIC email, read campus announcements, and see the campus events calendar.

Check your Time Ticket to know when you register

Check your Time Ticket to find out the earliest date and time that you can register. All Time Tickets are listed in Central Standard Time (CST).

  • Log in to and use the search bar to find results for “XE Registration” or scroll through the page to find this portlet.
  • After you click on “XE Registration,” select “Prepare for Registration” to view your Time Ticket and to find out if you have any holds.
  • You can register for your courses  on or after the time listed on your Time Ticket. If a course requires a prerequisite override, contact the Summer Session office for instructions. Please provide your UIN and indicate the course you’re trying to register for.
  • Your registration obligates you to pay all tuition and fees for your courses.  Check summer tuition and fees to learn what you will be charged, your payment due date, and how to view your bill in the portal.

Make sure you receive your Summer Session emails

While the Summer Session Office will continue to email you at the personal address you provided when you applied, you may also receive important updates from the university at your new UIC email (especially if you are enrolled in online courses). We recommend you make a habit of checking that account as well. You can access it by logging into

Note: Students do not have the ability to forward their UIC email to off-campus email accounts.

For assistance with your UIC email, contact the UIC Help Center

Visiting Student Checklist

View our checklist for summer for an overview of the entire enrollment process and tips to prepare for your classes.