Course Descriptions and Syllabi

We encourage visiting students to have their courses approved by an advisor from their home school before registering for classes at UIC. Many times the best way to do that is to provide your advisor with a course description or syllabus for the courses you are interested in. If you need additional information to have your courses approved, please contact us.

Course Descriptions

Official course descriptions are available on UIC Undergraduate Course Descriptions. This page contains descriptions for all courses offered at UIC. Not all of these courses are offered in summer. To see a list of courses being offered in the summer, go to the summer course list.

Course Syllabi

Syllabi for the upcoming summer are not usually available until shortly before the session begins. However, we are often able to provide you with syllabi from a previous semester to assist you with your course selection. These syllabi can be shared with advisors for a more detailed description of the content and methods taught in a particular course, though they will not be the exact syllabi that will be used in the upcoming summer. If you would like previous semester syllabi, contact us.