Tuition and Fees

In summer, undergraduate tuition and fees are charged on a per credit hour basis instead of a range tuition basis and everyone is charged the resident rate. The summer rate gives UIC students and visiting students more flexibility to enroll in a single course.

Graduate and Professional Program tuition and fees continue to be assessed under the range tuition structure in summer.

Estimating your total

  • Download this interactive worksheet to estimate your summer tuition and fees (available for undergraduates only).
    1. Open the downloaded file and click on “Enable Editing” in the yellow “Protected View” bar above the document.
    2. This will prompt you to enter a password, but instead click on “Read Only.”
    3. The document should refresh to a read-only mode, which allows you to use the drop down menus.
    4. Select “Visiting Summer Session Only student” for the major in step 2 if you plan to enroll as a Summer Session Only student.

Understanding your tuition and fees

If you have questions regarding your tuition, please contact the Registrar at (312) 996-4350 or get help via email.

Billing & Payment

Your tuition and fees will be charged after you register and will be due on June 28th.

You will be able to see the tuition and fee charges posted in your account starting in mid-May. To view your student account, check billing activity, due dates, and make payments:

  • Go to and login using your netID and password. (Forget your netID or password?)
  • Look for “My Account Balance” in the “Welcome” tab (or use the Search box to find it).
  • Select “Login to UI Pay” to check your student account activity and make a payment.

For more information on billing and payment, visit the University Bursar website.