Fast Facts for Advisors of Visiting Students

Every year, UIC’s Summer Session welcomes undergraduate students who attend schools all over the country. If you’re an advisor looking for information on UIC’s summer courses, we’re here to help.

A few facts about UIC’s Summer Session:

  • Scheduling flexibility: UIC offers two summer sessions—an intensive 4-week session that begins May 13, 2024, one week after UIC’s spring semester ends; and an 8-week session that begins June 10, 2024. Courses in either session are the equivalent of a full semester. Students can take one session or both—and earn up to 12 credit hours in just 12 weeks.
  • Broad course selection: UIC’s Summer Session offers more than 250 courses in 50 different subject areas—including many hard-to-find upper division courses.
  • Teaching excellence: Summer courses are taught by UIC’s excellent faculty—many summer courses are taught by award-winning faculty at the top of their academic fields.

Here are some links to key information:

Summer Courses
Course Descriptions and Syllabi
Course Enrollment History

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